Galeo Du Portugal wins Qatari Sports Day Final

Galeo Du Portugal wins Qatari Sports Day Final

The eighth meeting of the season which was held on Sunday afternoon at the Marsa Racetrack, included the heats and the final of the Qatar Sports Day Championship for class Copper trotters on a mile distance.

The final race was won by Galeo Du Portugal and Kirsten Axisa. Sunday’s card included also three semifinal races from the Assikura Championship for class Gold trotters on a short distance of 2140m.

In the first class Copper heat, the early leader, Halina Jibay (Clint Vassallo) was outsmarted by Galeo Du Portugal (Kirsten Axisa) midway through the final straight. Friend (Nelson Azzopardi) and Heritier La Vitar (Noel Baldacchino) also made it to the final stage. For Galeo Du Portugal this was its first win of the season.

Swedish mare Ellipsos AM (George Attard) was the first one to past the finishing post first during the second heat.

Eventually, this mare was disqualified and the win was awarded to Farofera (Oliver Briffa) which secured its first win in Malta from Fine Delo (Noel Baldacchino), Goldenboy Du Greny (Tony Demanuele) and Fox Trot Du Stade (Redent Magro).

Eventually, the final race was characterized by a keen tussle between five trotters in the final straight.

It was Galeo Du Portugal (Kirsten Axisa) which past the finishing post first easily from Goldenboy Du Greny (Tony Demanuele), Heritier La Vitar (Charles Camilleri) and Friend Nelson Azzopardi).

For Galeo du Portugal this was its second win in a row.

At the end of this final, Mr Abdulla Nabeel AlSaadi AlYafei, Charge d’Affaire within the Embassy of Qatar and the Minister of Education and Sport Clifton Grima presented the winning trophy to Kirsten Axisa, the owner and driver of the winning horse. Also present for the event was Max Zammit, the CEO of Equestri Malta who had opened bilateral talk with between Malta and Qatar to hold event.

Another meeting at the Marsa Racetrack will be held on Saturday. The first race should start at 1.30pm.