EquestriMalta National Championships

EquestriMalta National Championships

The competition season for 2022-2023 kicks off the with the EquestriMalta National Championships. Horsemanship will be judged across two disciplines – dressage and show jumping, with 10 competitions held throughout the season – five in dressage and five in show jumping. Horse and rider combinations will be awarded points for placings in any of the EquestriMalta National Championship competitions. 

Points for each horse/rider combination will be visible on a leader board available and updated after each competition. 

 At the end of the season, the horse/rider combinations with the most points will be eligible for cash prizes. Riders are encouraged to compete in both dressage and show jumping with the largest prizes being offered to competitors showing promise in both disciplines. Prizes for those riders who only participate in dressage or show jumping will also be awarded. 

The Track to Arena was set up to encourage horse owners who have given an ex-racehorse a second chance in life. While not many of them can compete with the extravagant strides of a warmblood, rehoming a horse can be very rewarding. Riders will ride the same tests/courses as everyone else, but they will also be eligible for prizes in a class of their own. 

More information and Applications may be found here.